About The Firm
The historical roots of Christensen & Prezeau, PLLP, date back to the mid-century.

Christensen & Prezeau, PLLP, evolved from the long-standing and well-respected law firm of Hughes, Kellner, Sullivan, and Alke. After HKSA dissolved in 2014, Amy Christensen, Cherche Prezeau, and John Sullivan formed Christensen & Prezeau, PLLP, and were accompanied by two of their associates. Christensen & Prezeau, PLLP, has seamlessly continued the tradition created decades ago of providing award-winning legal counsel and representation to businesses, governmental agencies, health care organizations, nonprofit corporations, insurance companies, and individuals throughout Montana.

Our legal advice and litigation strategies are based on a combination of acumen, practicality, and years of experience. Our attorneys are experienced counselors and litigators in a variety of legal topics and are capable of resolving issues and disputes in court, administrative proceedings, and alternate dispute resolution. In every case, we strive to achieve one simple goal: getting the right result for our clients.